Awesome Short Hairstyles for 2016

Sometimes females think that they do not have much to do with their short hair but obviously they are not right because there a lot of hairstyles that they can style. Short hairstyles make females look more flattering and feminine. Obviously short hairstyles are very trendy and in 2016 they will continue to be one of the most fashionable haircuts.short haircut 2016 Short hair is both very easy to style and comfortable to wear because when we speak about summer there is nothing better than short hairstyles.  In this article we decided to speak about awesome short hairstyles for 2016.   Keep up with fashion and do not miss your chance to be informed.Bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyle gives women younger look and due to it they always feel fresh. Bob hairstyle framed the face of wearer which looks extremely beautiful. It can be worn anyway you like for example with layers bob hairstyle looks great. If you do not like the layers you can go for romantic style.bob hairstyleChoppy layer style

Choppy layer hairdo suggests edge and style in a natural way. A short hairstyle with choppy layers looks great. If   you want to add something to it you can take bangs which are a perfect match for this hairstyle because bangs shows your natural beauty and emphasizes your face features. Those females who have fine hair can go for this style because it will help to add volume to their hair.

Layered medium haircut

This hairstyle usually comes with bangs and really emphasizes your relaxed look, although it offers many other styles which are possible to sport.layered medium haircutMessy hairstyle

Messy looks are always trendy and you could see a lot of celebrities wearing these hairstyles. You do not have to put much effort in order to get a messy look. You need only several minutes to style short messy hairstyle. So, in this case you need to use hair gels in order to give your layers and bangs curly look. With short hair it is easier to style messy look than with long hair.messy short hairstyle 2016Spiky hairstyle

Spiky hairstyle is perfect both for males and females and it is possible to see both genders wearing this hairstyle quite often. It looks really sexy and attractive.  Keep your hair spiky with the help of hair gels.spiky hairstyle fo females 2016 (1)Updo for short hair

Of course on long hair updo is easier to do than on short hair but no worries because on short hair it is also possible to get updo look.  So you need first of all to brush you hair into upward stroke letting your hair stand and then use a headband for a hip look. With this unique hairstyle you are going to have an elegant look and you can wear it at formal events.spiky hairstyle fo females 2016 (2)

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