Latest Short Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Perhaps you have already mentioned that short hairstyles become more and more popular. There are various ways of styling short hair and we offer the latest short hairstyle ideas 2017 for you to orientate which styles meet your preferences. Try to wear the hairstyles that go with your face and make your short hair more attractive. Coloring it with the trendiest shades you’ll bring out the real look of your nice haircut that suits you so much.

Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2017

Blonde hair colors have become more dominant especially after the tendency of chopping hair too short. Women dye their short haircuts in blonde hair colors in order to take away any harshness from the short look of their cuts as well as to refresh their shade. If you have just chopped off your hair into a trendy short haircut then make it fancier getting a hot inspiration of short blonde hairstyles for 2017.Short Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration 2017Short Blonde Pixie Haircut

The majority of pixie haircuts are harsh for women. That’s why stylists recommend dying hair in light hair colors and highlight with subtle tones. Even the simplest shade of platinum blonde is enough to take your pixie cut to the next level but if you are looking for something more interesting then you can dye your short locks in warmer blonde hues and highlights keeping the roots a bit dark and fresh.

Unique Short Undercuts for Women 2017

Although undercuts are very edgy haircuts for women they are becoming more and more popular. Among the most requested funky hairstyles for women short undercuts have their special place. Here you see the trendiest short undercuts for women 2017. They are created for brave women who are not afraid of cool experiments and always do their best to stand out in the crowd.Unique Short Undercuts for Women 2017Short Braided Undercut for Women

I would like to start with the most fascinating and creative undercut hairstyle. It’s the short braided hair trend with sharp side part effects and designs. This hairstyle is great for hair with dark roots and lighter tips but can be worn on any hair color because the braids bring out the roots. The best part about braided undercuts is that they are festive and prom-ready.

Hottest Short Bob Cuts to Steal for 2017

Take the bravest step to the world of fashion with a short bob haircut in 2017. This time you are going to say goodbye to your long hair and welcome the freshest short hairstyles. The more you learn about short haircuts the more you want to try a cozy haircut.  If you are one of those who seek for a radical change in their look then you should start with a short haircut.Hottest Short Bob Cuts to Steal for 2017Short Bowl Bob Haircut

If the pure bowl bob haircut is not your cup of tea then perhaps the layered version of the mushroom hairstyle could be great for your straight and thick hair. The modern bowl bobs are mainly paired with layers and shaggy razor cuts. They are styled on straight hair and are updated with bright hair colors.

Short Funky Haircut Ideas for 2017

When it comes to crazy and eye-catching haircuts we mainly concentrate on the shortest styles that are both edgy and trendy. Have a look at some of the most fashionable short funky haircuts for 2017. These flashy and super stylish looks will give you the idea what it is to play with unique haircuts and rainbow shades.Short Funky Haircut Ideas for 2017Short Undercut Pixie

Of course, any kind of short haircut looks harsh on women but when they keep up with the best tricks to make their hair softer they reach the desired look. There are short undercuts for women that have the male touch in them. Stylists offer to dye these haircuts in light and girlish hair colors to make as feminine as possible. You may consider a lovely shade of copper, blonde or light brown. Some like to wear rainbow highlights too.

2017 Short Haircut Trends

What do you like about short hair? The majority claims that in spite of the fact that short haircuts are harsh for women, they are cozy, low-maintenance and more attractive. These short haircut trends for 2017 go well with different face shapes and compliment slender facial features. Check out the most ravishing haircuts and try the option that seems to be perfect with your style.short haircut 2017Messy Pixie Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles like short pixies are incredible. They grab attention and highlight your unrepeatable style. You can highlight it with fresh shades if you have straight and layered hair. The advantage of this haircut is that it gives you freedom to go for a variety of hairstyles. You can choose spiky, wind-blown, messy and other trendy hairstyles as well as elegant slicked back and side swept looks.

Amazing Crimped Hairstyle on Short and Long Hair

There are numerous ways of styling your hair, all you need is to use your imagination and that will be enough for having a unique and attractive look. It’s really great idea to wear a hairstyle which will make you stand out of the crowd. Crimped hairstyles on short and long hair is very unique and astounding and it is really worth to try.crimped hairstylesCrimped hairstyle is popular among celebrities as well. I am sure many of you would like to have a fairy hairstyle because craped hairstyle is really add some touch of sweetness and reminds us about fairies’ tender looks with big and voluminous hairstyles? If you are fond of voluminous hair this style is for you. Well know let’s see what kind of look will have this hairstyle on your short or long haircut.

Celebrities Short and Long Hairstyles

Before going for any change we need a source of inspiration. For many girls runway shows are the best inspiration. The models wearing unique hairstyles make the girls to think about changes. Some other girls think that celebrities are the best examples and they can take many things from them.celebrities long and short hair Well, undoubtedly celebrities can be a perfect inspiration both for hairstylists and ordinary people. Celebrities go for changes quite often because they also know that many fans are waiting to see them wearing  a new style. This fact has given us an idea of selecting short and long hairstyles of celebrities. You have a chance to see them wearing both long and short hairstyles. Now look and think your favorite celebrity looks better on long or short hair.

Cool Short Hairstyles for Fall

When season comes you need to change your style and get a fresh look. Fall brings new creative ideas and you want to try them. The atmosphere like yellow leaves and rainy days in some cases are very inspiring. As for me autumn is the most romantic season which wakes your sleeping feelings up. Some of us look for a new love while others think about changes both in style and life. Well, if you are looking for changes in look check out some cool short hairstyles for fall and go ahead with one of them.short haircut for fallIn this fall pixie haircut, boy cut, asymmetrical short crop are really fashionable. You should think about getting one of these styles otherwise you will miss your chance to be fashionable and trendy in fall. By the way each season brings something new and makes us think about transformation and makeovers. Simply color your bangs or add some highlights to your hair and make it softer.

Simple Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

When it comes to fashion age plays a secondary role. Women should keep their attractive and stunning look. Nowadays females like to take care about their appearance because having the same look is quite boring. New hairstyle is meant to bring a fresh breath to your life. When women become more than 40 they think that it is better to stay in the same style.short cuts for women over 50 But we are not agree with this statement because monotone look is really tiring. By the way we understand that when we get older and older we think more about comfort. But there are plenty Hairstyles which women over 50 may wear and keep their look trendy and beautiful. Well, if you are over 50 continue reading because we have selected simple short hairstyles for women over 50 which are really perfect and amazing.

Coolest Long and Short Retro Hairstyles

Retro hairstyle lovers, today is your day because we have decided to select the best retro long and short hairstyles. Do not miss your chance one more time to see the best hairstyles that once were worn by the most known retro celebrities. I am sure you love the styles of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe because they have been always in the center of attention.retro hairstyles As for me retro hairstyles are the bases of new trendy hairdos which are created by the most known hairstylists. Even if you are not sure to wear them or not, one thing you should know for sure: retro hairstyles are again back and they are again popular.