Latest Long Hairstyle Ideas 2017

Women with long hair are always in the center of attention and they surely love their awesome style that makes them more attractive and more feminine. Styling it with the latest long hairstyle ideas 2017 will make your style complete and trendy. Discover the most beautiful long hairstyles just here and amuse people around you with your fantastic hairstyles.

Celebrities with Hottest Long Hairstyles 2017

Celebrities always prompt us what’s trendy and what’s already out of fashion. When it comes to long hairstyles we see that it’s never out of style because it’s the most feminine type of hair to style in a variety of hairdos. Surprisingly, we see many celebrities with extra-long hairstyles in 2017 in spite of the fact that short haircuts tend to become the trendiest styles. Thanks to those posh and famous trendsetters long hairstyles remain the most requested styles for women.2017 Long HairstyleKim Kardashian Long Hairstyle

Kim is in love with long hairstyles and although she sometimes goes for medium and short haircuts but her most favorite length is the extra-long. She dyes it in blonde or brown hair colors to create ravishing and fabulous looks. But her long mane is beautiful in any style she opts for. When Kim styles her in super straight and sleek hairdos she becomes very classy and elegant and when she wears it in a loose wavy, wet-look style she brings out her natural charm.

Long Blonde Hairstyle Trends 2017

Long hair is more angelic in blonde shades. While brunette makes long tresses more powerful and mysterious blonde hues break down any harshness and create a charming effect. Since many blonde tints are trendy this year I offer some stunning options of long blonde hairstyles for 2017. Embrace your beautiful mane with light shades of blonde and style it in fancy hairdos.long blonde hair 2017Long Ash Blonde Hairstyle

Long ash blonde hair is glamorous and delightful in its multi-tone effect. This hair color suits most skin tones and eyes but it’s incredible especially with long and medium hair. If yours is quite long then go for layers and dye hair in an ash blonde tone matching your skin tone. Depending on your complexion you can wear either light or a bit dark ash blonde shade. Style into straight hairdos to bring out the effect of this cool style.

Amazing Crimped Hairstyle on Short and Long Hair

There are numerous ways of styling your hair, all you need is to use your imagination and that will be enough for having a unique and attractive look. It’s really great idea to wear a hairstyle which will make you stand out of the crowd. Crimped hairstyles on short and long hair is very unique and astounding and it is really worth to try.crimped hairstylesCrimped hairstyle is popular among celebrities as well. I am sure many of you would like to have a fairy hairstyle because craped hairstyle is really add some touch of sweetness and reminds us about fairies’ tender looks with big and voluminous hairstyles? If you are fond of voluminous hair this style is for you. Well know let’s see what kind of look will have this hairstyle on your short or long haircut.

Celebrities Short and Long Hairstyles

Before going for any change we need a source of inspiration. For many girls runway shows are the best inspiration. The models wearing unique hairstyles make the girls to think about changes. Some other girls think that celebrities are the best examples and they can take many things from them.celebrities long and short hair Well, undoubtedly celebrities can be a perfect inspiration both for hairstylists and ordinary people. Celebrities go for changes quite often because they also know that many fans are waiting to see them wearing  a new style. This fact has given us an idea of selecting short and long hairstyles of celebrities. You have a chance to see them wearing both long and short hairstyles. Now look and think your favorite celebrity looks better on long or short hair.

Amazing Feather Cut Hairstyles for Long Hair

Seeking for the best haircuts for you long locks? Check out the following hairstyles and see if any appeals on you. You can see the influence of 70s and 80s styles’ influence on modern hairstyles one of that styles is the feather cut. This fascinating hairstyle recently has become more popular. Those who want to get exactly this hairstyle first of all should know the difference between layered hairstyle and feather cuts because they are undoubtedly different from each other.unique feathered haircutLayered and feather cut hairstyles may seem completely the same but actually it is not so. The layers add more texture and volume to your hair, while feather cut is meant to add edginess and a little drama to the look. Feather cuts are choppier. If you have long locks you may rock the style and impress people surrounding you. We can say that exactly long locks are the best option for this style. This hairstyle is perfect for females who are looking for drama and femininity.

Men’s Long Hairstyles for 2016

Many men search for latest hairstyles in order to wear and be trendy and handsome. Nowadays we can see, very tidy men who are always fashionable and sexy. Well, there are some men who like very short hairstyles like buzz or pixie but some other men prefer long hairstyles. There is a stereotype like long hairstyles are only for women but we disagree with this statement because in modern world both genders may wear long hairstyles.long hairstyles for men 2016 Guys on runway shows look really hot on long locks.  Surely those who wear long locks stand out of the crowd and always draw attention. By the way if it suits them why not to wear. So, now if you, too, like to have long locks keep reading because we are going to represent you men’s long hairstyles for 2016.

Coolest Long and Short Retro Hairstyles

Retro hairstyle lovers, today is your day because we have decided to select the best retro long and short hairstyles. Do not miss your chance one more time to see the best hairstyles that once were worn by the most known retro celebrities. I am sure you love the styles of Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe because they have been always in the center of attention.retro hairstyles As for me retro hairstyles are the bases of new trendy hairdos which are created by the most known hairstylists. Even if you are not sure to wear them or not, one thing you should know for sure: retro hairstyles are again back and they are again popular.

Celebrities’ Long and Short Hairstyles

Celebritys’ hairstyles are our favorite ones and we love to follow them. We can see celebrities with long and short hairstyles. We can say that sometimes it is even impossible to follow them. Of course it is normal too see super stars changing their styles so often because many fans wait to see their icons with glamorous and elegant looks.celebrities long and shoort hairSome females even copy their looks to be trendy and stylish. As for me celebrities are dictators of fashion rules because they wear a style and short time ago that look is becoming a hit of the month or the season. As they have so much influence on fashion industry, we have decided to collect celebrities’ long and short hairstyles. Look and see whether you like to see them with short or long hair.

Best Long Straight Hairstyles for 2016

Hairstyle is something that brings out you charm. You cannot appear with casual hairstyle at parties or formal events. You should have some hairstyles for your casual style and some others for formal. Actually girls like to wear simple hairdos with their everyday look. Some take simple braids others prefer messy look and do not spend much time styling other hairstyles. There is a special group of women who prefer long hair while others prefer short hairstyles.long hairstyles for 2016The most important thing is to keep up with fashion and be informed about the latest trends. This time long straight hairstyles draw our attention and we have decided to do our research and find out the best long straight hairstyles for 2016. The hairstyles that we are going to represent you will be in the center of famous hairstylists’ attention for a long time. Get ready to meet new season and new year with fresh hairstyle.

Mohawk Hairstyle for Long Hair

You want to stand out of the crowd and find a hairstyle which will give you cool emotions? Well you are on the right way because today we are going to show you Mohawk hairstyles which are different from all other hairstyles. The best side of this hairstyles is that you will not see many people walking down the street wearing Mohawk hairdos, it means it is special and extravagant. Mohawk hairstyle is possible to crate both on short and long haircuts.Mohawk hairstyle Some girls think that they need to shave their hair in order to get this hairstyle but actually it is not so because you can get it without shaving or cutting your hair. Mohawk hairstyle are popular both among males and females. We can say that this hairstyle is on the list of the most favorites. Well I guess now you are interested to see some Mohawk hairstyles for your long hair. So now let’s see which Mohawk style you will like.