Hairstyles 2017

2017 Hottest Rainbow Undercuts for Women

Mind-blowing haircuts, hair colors and hairstyle such as rainbow undercuts are edgy and unique. They make women stand out in the crowd with their bold look and interesting approach towards hairstyles. Here are the hottest rainbow undercuts for 2017. Rock a new style in 2017 and prove that you can create your own hairstyle and hair color combination. Keep in mind that undercuts are harsh hairstyles for women and they are often accompanied by hair tattoos/designs.2017 Hottest Rainbow Undercuts for WomenRainbow Asymmetrical Undercut

Most undercuts are achieved with asymmetrical layers. Women like to wear uneven cuts as they create contrasts with their hair texture and therefore grab attention. This asymmetrical pixie cut would look dull and boyish without those rainbow shades in pastel tones. The stylist has created a calm and delightful combination between her natural shade and pastel tones.

Evening Updo Hairstyle Trends 2017

Are you getting prepared for a special event? If you have already chosen your festive dress, shoes and accessories then it’s the high time to opt for the best evening updo hairstyle for 2017.  Here are some of the hottest looks ready to inspire you for your prom style.Evening Updo Hairstyle Trends 2017Curly Updo Hairstyle

Between the hottest curly updo hairstyles this one is the most interesting option as it is inspired by the trendy asymmetrical shapes. Your long or medium hair may give you the opportunity to get this high and eye-catching curly updo hairstyle. It is so lavishing due to its dark shade and sophisticated power. This hairstyle goes well with many face shapes and is ready to make you stand out during the evening. It is ideal with long thin earrings, soft makeup and subtle necklace.  

Messy Hairstyle Ideas to Try in 2017

Are you fond of carefree, effortless and messy hairstyles? Keep on reading because this article is all about the latest messy hair trends for 2017. The best part about messy hairstyles is that they are easy-to-do and look natural at the end. Many celebs give us cool ideas on how to get trendy messy hairdos. Check out these glamorous and inspiring looks with the best shag hairstyles.Messy Hairstyle Ideas to Try in 2017Short Messy Hairstyle

The shorter your hair the easier you’ll get trendy messy hairstyles. Use hair sprays or other styling products complimenting your hair type and go for voluminous and shaggy looks. Even if you have straight hair you can still get amazing messy hairdos. Use blow drier and your own fingers for the perfect look. Pull to one side all create a wind-blown effect if you have a short pixie cut.

2017 Pixie Hairstyle Trends

Pixie haircuts are timeless and popular. They are always in demand as many women like to get rid of damaged, annoying and dull hair and short pixie cuts come for help. As they are evolved time to time you’d better find out the latest pixie hair trends for 2017. Here they are!2017 Pixie Hairstyle TrendsUndercut Pixie Hairstyle

Although undercuts are too harsh for women as they are male hairstyles, but stylists have found cool ways to make them softer and girlish. If you like contrasting cuts, long and short combinations then you may try an undercut as a trendy hairstyle idea, but make sure it doesn’t take away your femininity. Dye your locks in a light or two-tone shade for a better result and avoid dark hair colors. Style into textured, wavy and sophisticated hairstyles. Undercuts are generally shaved on one side but you can go for too short cuts instead.

Latest Party Hairstyles for 2017

Festive days are on the corner and we are looking for the latest party hairstyles for 2017. Check out these fancy loos and meet your ultimate trendy hairstyle for prom. Keep up with the best trends and inspire your friends with your super gorgeous and fabulous hair choices. Take examples form celebrities and runway beauty looks.Latest Party Hairstyles for 2017Volumized Ponytail Hairstyle

Today retro inspired ponytails are considered as volumized party pony hairstyles. These are not too polished and sleek ponytails. They are quite messy and shaggy. If you want to grab attention during the party then consider a voluminous and teased ponytail for medium or long hair. Match it with subtle accessories and outfits. Keep your makeup either vintage inspired or natural-looking.

The Best Hairstyles for 2016

We know that hairstyle is very important for you because it is the part of your style. A right chosen hairstyle will bring you joy and good emotions. If you want to see which are the best hairstyles of 2016 continue reading and find one which perfectly describes your character and personality. Do not forget to consult with your hairstylist before going for any haircut. In all cases changes are good and they are meant to add some positive feelings to your life. Feel free to choose a hairstyle which you like.

hairstyles for 2016Long Bob Hairstyle

Bob! Bob! Bob! This hairstyle has managed to fascinate many girls around the world. Bob hairstyle is suitable for women of all age groups. You can wear bob hairstyle in every season and still be fashionable and trendy. The most important thing is to find the one which is suitable for your character features.

Celebrities Short and Long Hairstyles

Before going for any change we need a source of inspiration. For many girls runway shows are the best inspiration. The models wearing unique hairstyles make the girls to think about changes. Some other girls think that celebrities are the best examples and they can take many things from them.celebrities long and short hair Well, undoubtedly celebrities can be a perfect inspiration both for hairstylists and ordinary people. Celebrities go for changes quite often because they also know that many fans are waiting to see them wearing  a new style. This fact has given us an idea of selecting short and long hairstyles of celebrities. You have a chance to see them wearing both long and short hairstyles. Now look and think your favorite celebrity looks better on long or short hair.

Simple Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

When it comes to fashion age plays a secondary role. Women should keep their attractive and stunning look. Nowadays females like to take care about their appearance because having the same look is quite boring. New hairstyle is meant to bring a fresh breath to your life. When women become more than 40 they think that it is better to stay in the same style.short cuts for women over 50 But we are not agree with this statement because monotone look is really tiring. By the way we understand that when we get older and older we think more about comfort. But there are plenty Hairstyles which women over 50 may wear and keep their look trendy and beautiful. Well, if you are over 50 continue reading because we have selected simple short hairstyles for women over 50 which are really perfect and amazing.

6 New Ponytails For 2016

Ponytail hairstyles are the best ones that someone may wear. Ponytails can be both messy and elegant. You should choose a ponytail based on occasion. You can add curls and braid to your pony. Actually this amazing hairstyle is perfect even if you simple tie your hair but in order to enhance the look and add some mystery touch to your pony you may try something new.ponytail hairstyles 2016 I know you think that we have represented all ponytail ideas but we hurry to inform you that the professional hairstylists work on creating completely new pony ideas and to be honest they are master in their job. We try to follow them and represent you fresh hairstyles which will bring joy to many girls. Well, now let’s see completely new ponytail hairstyles for 2016. Remember that these ponytail ideas are on the list of the latest ones.

Brown Hair Highlights and Lowlights for 2016

Highlights and lowlights are the best solution for your hair. Adding highlights or lowlights to your hair you are going to turn the simplest hairstyle into sophisticated one. They will perfectly bring out your eye-color and skin tone. You should choose highlights two tones lighter than your natural hair color. Sometimes lowlights can be three tones darker but in usual cases two tones darker is better.highlights for brown hair 2016 There are several kinds of techniques that hairstylists use to add some highlights and lowlights. Actually lowlights are easier to get than highlights. According to the latest trends natural looks are very popular. If you have a pale skin tone and brown hair, one ton lighter highlights will work well. It is very important to keep up with fashion and wear hair colors and hairstyles which will be popular in next year too. I am sure you want to know which highlights will be popular next year. Okay now let’s move on and see some trendy brown hair highlights and lowlights for 2016